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Google Opinion Rewards: Earn Money by Answering Questions for Google

Google values your opinion and is looking to hear from you on a variety of topics, and the Google Opinion Rewards app is Google’s way of connecting with you and rewarding you for your input. 

Market research has come a long way in the age of the internet and Google is bringing the consumer directly in touch with companies who want valuable opinions and insights and are willing to pay for it.

Pronounce Names Correctly with these 15 Apps and Websites

Have you ever been in a situation where someone corrected your pronunciation of a word or a name? Communication is a big part of our everyday lives and there are times when you are unsure of how to pronounce names or certain difficult words.

The knowledge of the correct way to pronounce names and words from different languages and cultures can go a long way towards making a positive impression.

The websites and apps listed here can help you learn how to pronounce any word. With so many apps and websites available to you to learn how to pronounce names, there really is no excuse to get them wrong.

BYTON – The Fully Immersive, Intuitive, Electric Smart Car Debuts at...

Last year was all about the smart car at CES and this year is shaping up to be more of the same, without the hype from Faraday Future.

BYTON is a fully immersive, intuitive, electric smart car. Something that’s been done here or there by car manufacturers big and small the last few years but BYTON is doing it differently – they’re doing it all in one car for an affordable price tag for consumers.

BYTON comes with a beautiful touchscreen dashboard and a touchscreen steering wheel. Savvy? Safe? Time will tell.

We Are Off To CES 2018 and Here’s Everything We Are...

Another year, another CES. Every year I tell myself I’m going to bring less, depend on fewer tech devices, and go with the flow – and every year I fail!

This year like so many before me, I decided to showcase what’s in my bag. No matter why you come to CES every year, chances are you bring some interesting stuff along for the ride. Here’s a look at what’s in my bag at CES 2018.

Fitbit vs Garmin: The Best Fitness Bands and Trackers Compared

With the advent of new wearable technology, it's never been easier to track your fitness goals. Fitness bands and trackers are the most popular accessories for serious athletes and casual users alike.

They are trendy, fashionable and extremely functional. Fitbit and Garmin are fitness band royalty and are two of the most popular and widely used brands today.

How to Use My People Hub in Windows 10 To Connect...

As the Windows ecosystem becomes to bleed into other products, Microsoft is finding ways to make Windows 10 users more integrated with the world around them. The My People Hub is an interesting feature addition to Windows 10.

First teased in Spring’s Creators Update, it finally comes alive in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Let’s look at what My People Hub, how to get started with it, and whether it’s worth the effort to use.